July 14, 1980

Born - Cape Cod, MA


Fell in love with rowing and running in high school. Decided she would be on the crew team in college and run a marathon.


Fell in love with figure skating. Was told she wasn't graceful enough. Olympic dreams crushed


Started watching Ironman Triathlon World Championships on TV and decides she will do one someday.


Went to college and didn't make the crew team because she was too short ... but ....


Finished 1st marathon ... went on to run 20 more


Graduated college and began nursing career in Boston


Finished 1st Ironman Triathlon.


Dumped by boyfriend. Moved to NC. Met the love of her life on Match.com


Married the love of her life.


April - Won a lottery spot into the Ironman Triathlon World Championships. 

May - Mother's Day her brother became paralyzed from a tragic accident

October - Finished the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii


Started a family.

Ran her 4th Boston Marathon

20 more years to fill in ...


when mom's not so tired ... 🤣

Cliff notes:

2012 - Brother died. Moved back to Cape Cod. Had a 2nd child

2013 - Took her 1st yoga class

2016 - Took a leave of absence from critical care nursing and never looked back

2017 - Became a yoga teacher

2019 - Bought a yoga studio

2020 - Son diagnosed with PANDAS

2021 - Simmons University FNP '22

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