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Have you ever had a cut that you thought had scabbed over and healed?

Or maybe you’ve had a cold or just felt really crappy and then one day you feel better but the next day you feel like s#&! again?

Well that’s because healing is not linear and healing takes time.

Healing and optimization of health takes work.

To lay down the ties that hold the track in place requires attention and effort.

The problem is in this country if you want to improve your health you can’t keep laying down the same ties. That’s a road to nowhere. It’s essentially a hamster wheel that over time can become difficult to get off. This is what it’s like to be a patient in our conventional healthcare system. This is also what it’s like to be a woman wishing she were “healthier” in a society riddled with before and after pictures and endless “health” products being marketed by anyone and everyone. These systems are built on symptom management and quick, easy fixes that do not address whole health.

I believe in Western medicine. I believe in conventional treatments, therapies, and pharmaceuticals when they are deemed necessary. I believe that these things can help save lives. And I also believe that functional, integrative, holistic, and complementary health practices can stall the progression of chronic disease in this country. I believe these practices can change and save lives.

Every time I open up social media I see posts of women saying that “All I want for Christmas is to be healthier. To be slimmer. To feel better.” And then after those posts I see all the ads with the before and after photos of women’s bodies and the ads for all the powders, potions, and elixirs promising results. It makes me sick (mainly because I’ve been there and done that and I know what I walked away with …. just more feelings of shame and guilt). This is not the way to health.

The solution is laying down different ties.

We have to move past symptom management. We have to expand ourselves and our self worth beyond the number on our bathroom scales.

We have to take responsibility for our own health. We have to take a good, HARD, long look at our lifestyles, our nutrition, and all the other external and internal factors that directly influence us. That might sound and feel very overwhelming for a lot of us. But it doesn’t have to be.

The first step is having an open mind to laying down a different tie the next time you’re ready to do that. Laying those ties down takes work and you might not be ready and that’s ok. When you are ready I’ll be here for you.

Keep taking care of yourself. You're doing a great job 😘

P.S.- If you're done with diet culture and dis-ease and you're ready to try on a holistic health approach send me a message. I'm up to some good stuff for 2021 ✨

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