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Do you ever wonder what it would be like to make a big investment in yourself?

Like really BIG?

Have you ever dreamed about being part of something that could radically shift your life?

Let me tell you - I asked myself these same questions last year. Coming out of my son’s health crisis and knowing I wanted to sell my small business; I was hungry. I was starving for coaching and a community that matched my proverbial diet and energy. I’ve been immersed in different communities and programs throughout my life and nothing - NOTHING - has come close to what Jesse Itzler has created in the Elite 365 Life Optimization Program.

There is simply no other membership like this.

Last week I had the opportunity to attend my first retreat of the program. Actually, let me rephrase that. I had the opportunity to participate. When you commit to being a part of something epic you don’t just casually show up and attend. You go all in and participate.

Jesse was gracious enough to open his home up to the Elite 365 members for an incredible two day experience. But guess what? The experience began three days in advance with a seventy-two hour water fast. Yes that’s right! Three days without food before the retreat. Throughout the three day water fast many of us took to social media to share our journey and the fact we were doing this in community made it even more special. The fast was led by one of the experts of the program; Dr. Mindy Pelz, and it was life changing. Fasting has become a transformational tool for me and I’ll be sharing more about this when I launch my podcast later this summer!

But here’s what I really want to share about the retreat … I want to share the feeling. I want to share the energy of the experience. Yes the agenda was jam packed with amazing people like speaker/body language expert Janine Driver and breakout sessions with all nine experts and coaches (Jon Carroll, Chris Hauth, Dr. Mindy Pelz, Mona Sharma, Dr. Karyn Gordon, Dr. Trisha Smith, Megan Reilly, Chuck Wade and Melissa Joy Kong). And of course there were epic events and experiences to take part in like a mini Hell On The Hill and fire and ice with Luis from Embrace North but let me tell you … the feeling … the energy that was present during the two days was immeasurable.

It was off the charts.

That’s what happens when you put a group of extremely successful and talented people together who are committed to growth. It didn’t matter if you weren’t a CEO or if you weren’t an athlete … all that mattered was that we were there as part of our own journey to seek excellence and become the best version of ourselves. The energy quickly built as we got to know each other and peel off our armor. Vulnerability led way to tears and joy. Connections with one another grew as we led with questions like, “What are your goals this year?” or “Who do you need to have a hard conversation with?” It’s questions like these instead of “What do you do for a living?” that matter. And it’s the people asking these questions that matter.

These are the people you want to be around.

The energy I was left with at the end of the retreat was the feeling of being home. It felt like I had gained a family that held space for me to pull my power back into focus. I was reunited with my spirit; which has always been present but not as bright; and I left with more light. I had never been so full and so physically exhausted at the same time. (Ok well maybe except for childbirth) 😉

What I want you to know is that there are endless ways to radically shift your life. You get to create the reality you desire.

It doesn’t always require a huge investment … but it does require work. It takes energy. It requires some sort of investment on your part. That might look like time, money, or an honest conversation with yourself. Here’s the good news; you are energy. You can learn to access your energy, transform it and attract amazing people. You can learn to live a life of health and happiness. But you’ve got to make the investment.

✨ Ask yourself what you’re willing to invest TODAY in order to make TOMORROW better. ✨

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