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About Me

 Simplest way to put it; I'm just like you whether you believe it or not. I live in the dichotomy of this world just like everyone else. I'm aware of my humanness while awake to the infinite possibilities of my spiritual being. It's a fun time, right? Being human ;)


So what's my story? How has my humanness played out thus far you ask?


Well without spewing endless details because honestly they don't matter; I was raised a "good girl." I was a people pleaser. My emotional needs weren't fully met by my parents. Ya da, ya da, ya da ... the list could go on about being spanked, shamed, criticized, etc. This is why we're all the same. We all carry our history forward. We all accumulate trauma, pain and suffering that gets stored in our body. 


As a young adult I became a critical care nurse who put everyone else's needs before hers. Then I became a mother. And without even knowing it I became a victim to my own circumstances and continued to carry my history forward. Ya da, ya da, ya da ... and voila ... the recipe for my wake up call to all my pain and suffering was born. This mostly manifested as mental dis-ease in the form of anxiety, depression and CPTSD with a few rounds of some autoimmune challenges.

The thing about wake up calls, dark nights of the souls or rock bottoms (whatever you want to call them); well, for many of us (myself included), they happen more than once. So yeah, I've had a few wake-up calls and a handful of hard lessons to learn. And I'm grateful for every single one.


 My journey has taken me out of the constraints of our sick care system and into the freedom to create what I want, when I want and to serve in a way that FEELS GOOD. 


I've been teaching and coaching in many different spaces over the past decade. My nursing roots, coupled with my background as a yoga teacher, give me a unique opportunity to serve you in a balanced way. I firmly believe that in order to transcend your limitations and heal you need support and you need to understand both your humanness as well as your greater Self. 

I'm here to support your journey so that you can feel better and live in alignment with who you truly are.

I'm wicked glad you're here ❤️


Life Resume:

  • Mushroom Microdosing Guide

  • Certified Human Design Coach 

  • Registered Nurse x 20 years

  • Reiki II practitioner

  • Yoga/mindfulness teacher

  • Owned/failed/sold small businesses

  • Former Ironman triathlete

  • Runner + hot yogi for life

  • Wife, mother, bereaved daughter and sister


I believe health + wealth is a personal responsibility

If anything you read resonates with you or you're curious to know more about my work I'd love to know.


Drop me a note or connect with me on Facebook or Instagram!


 I'm here to help you step into all that's possible.

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