Hi! I’m Emily.

I’m a recovering procrastinator, a former boundary-less nurse, and a mental health ally.

I help women feel better and improve whole health without limits.

I'm so glad you're here.

Now let’s rediscover you and your health.

Who I Am:




I merge science, experience, laughter, and spirituality for a unique and personal approach

to holistic health. I am not here to tell you what you “should do.” In fact you will never

hear me use that word “should.” I believe health is a personal responsibility and that you

are in charge of your own healing. 


I have been practicing nursing for over 20 years, going beyond the standard education

I received in college.

I am at heart an asker of the question “Why?” and a seeker of evidence-based knowledge.

 I am enrolled in continuing education to learn from the leaders in functional medicine and nutrition and integrative health. Our knowledge of health and the body is evolving everyday. It’s time for our practice to shift that way as well.

Enrolled in Integrative and Functional Nutrition Academy (2020)

Inferno Hot Pilates Level 1 + 2 training (2018-2019)

200 hr Registered Hot Yoga - New England Yoga Academy (2017)

Reiki 1 certification through Pat Iyer (2017)

Yin yoga & Meditation certification through Sagel Urlacher (2017)

200 hr Registered Yoga Teacher - Power Yoga Cape Cod (2016-2017)

Tony Robbins Core 100 Coach Training (2016)

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course - Jon Kabat-Zinn (2016)

Dale Partridge Business StartupCamp (2016)

B.S.N. Nursing from Northeastern University (2003)

Creator and host Beautiful, Bold, + Juicy Podcast

Four time Ironman triathlon finisher

Twenty time marathon finisher

Wholesaler CBD MD, Superiuer Electrolytes

I want to be the “other way.” I want to be outside the four walls. I want to apply pressure to conventional medicine and to our current healthcare system. I want to change the way we view health. I want women to know there is power beyond pills.

Women Stretching


...to replace their health dogmas with inquiry. 

...to realize that health is a personal responsibility that doesn’t have to be overwhelming or stressful

...to understand that healing happens from the inside out and that self care is NOT selfish.

...to commit to being the #1 priority in their life (put the f*^%$#g oxygen mask on first).


...seek the answers you're after

... reduce stress in your life

...clarify health issues

...evaluate your diet

...build better boundaries

...learn the skills to do these things for yourself


In the realms of health education, support, and advocacy

Are you ready to feel better in your body and to be comfortable with who you are?


I can help.


For the majority of my life, I tried to fit in. I subscribed to living within the four walls of

what I should be and I did what I thought others expected and wanted of me.


This worked until one day it didn’t. 

Throughout my pre-teen, college, and young adult years I struggled with an unhealthy

relationship with my body and then ten years ago I was hit with anxiety, depression,

and PTSD. 


I took a leave of absence from my six figure salary and embarked on a journey of

self inquiry. Despite having a degree in nursing, I had a lot of lessons to learn in healing.


My journey led me to yoga teacher training and later to  business ownership.

In light of this background I still had questions - I still struggled - and then ...

in pre-pandemic 2020 my nine year old was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder that tremendously impacted our family.  I immediately gravitated towards conventional medicine but that failed us and I had no other option but to return to alternative medicine for healing. 

Slowing down, finding providers that would listen, and exploring functional and holistic medicine became the catalyst for change. Slowly, very slowly, I moved towards acceptance of what is.  

I took a long, hard look at what I knew and enrolled in coursework to further my education in integrative and functional nutrition. Even as a yoga teacher and studio owner I’ve learned how to listen more deeply to my body - to trust myself and the Universe. I realize there’s no one human that needs “fixing.” We are already whole - perfectly imperfect.

I’m definitely not your average nurse. And this is not what your average nursing practice looks like.

I like to talk about business and at the same time I just wanna have a dance party and celebrate feeling good.

I’ve lived the lessons that life is short. When I was 29 - my younger brother - my only sibling crashed his motorcycle and was paralyzed. Two years later he unexpectedly died in front of my face. My mom was then diagnosed with Alzheimer's all while I went to work as an organ donation coordinator.

I’ve got a robust appreciation for life and death. And while I’m here living I want to make the biggest impact I can. 

My own experiences with physical and mental health impact the way I work with people. I see you. You’re not crazy and you’re definitely not alone. It’s not all in your head. I understand because I’ve been there. I've been balled up in the dark corners, and I've also experienced the luminous rays towards the end of the tunnel. I know it's possible. There is another way. And that's what I hope to show you.

My content and more so my practice is for those who feel this. With wanting to explore something different, but not knowing what just yet. With feeling uneasy and not making any progress. With being tired of not being heard. With knowing that what you're doing now isn't producing any results. With knowing that you've been stuck and wanting to change.   

I'm here with you. I got you. 

All you've got to do is trust the process ✨ - Em

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