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If you're seeking to live in alignment with who you truly are - I'm here to help you. If you're ready to live with a greater sense of ease and freedom - I'm here to guide you into that possibility.
I work with clients virtually all over the U.S. who are curious about Human Design and/or Mushroom Medicine.

Human Design Reading (90 minutes

- Understand your unique energetic blueprint 

- Learn who you are and how to live in alignment with your design.

- Receive greater insight into your personal and professional life.

- You'll receive a report of your reading along with your Human Design chart following your service.


Microdosing Consultation + Guidance 

- Interested in microdosing mushrooms but have questions?

- Are you ready to start?

- Book a call with me. I'll answer your questions and if you're ready to explore the medicine I'll review my process and services with you.


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