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Episode 6 Description:

This is a short but BIG episode because I'm shifting gears. You might recall on my inaugural episode I said there was no agenda for the show. Well that all changes now. In this episode, I discuss the future of the podcast and my focus on functional health. Listen in as I get into my relationship with traditional Western medicine and the value of health that focuses on food as medicine and a system that works to reverse illness, promote health, and optimize function by addressing the underlying causes, symptoms, and imbalances of the interconnected biological networks. 

Show Notes:

  • WHO Definition of Health: Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

  • Functional Approach to Health: A foundation of food as medicine and provides a system that works to reverse illness, promote health and optimize function by addressing the underlying causes, the underlying symptoms, and imbalances of the interconnected biological network.

  • Health Care Providers in a Functional System - work in a system connecting with patients by developing a relationship; by promoting open communication that is rooted in empathy.

  • Functional Approach to Health - Patients Take Responsibility For Their Health

  • Tell me what health topics you want more information on

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Episode 5 Description:

I Nicole and I talk about her book "A Life Suspended" - her fifth baby. The process of writing it and how she decided to self publish it. We discuss her story of her son's diagnosis of high functioning autism, feelings of isolation, behaviors as a symptom, the concept of sovereign women, being vulnerable, being a mother, and losing focus on our identities.  

Show Notes:

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Episode 4 Description:

I talk with Maria McBride, a businesswoman, yoga studio owner, mother, blog writer, and my friend.  We talk about her journey to writing, postpartum depression, learning from previous generations, the business of yoga, competition v. collaboration, motherhood, and what are hopes are for 2025.  Listen in as we get real about having difficult conversations about race with our loved ones and debunked self limiting beliefs. 

Show Notes:

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Episode 3 Description:

I talk with Justin Legg, a former Navy Seal from New Jersy who has a story involving: Leukemia, a bone marrow transplant, graft v. host disease, rehab to be a SEAL platoon commander, a double lung transplant, three 1/2 marathons, climbing Mount Denali, a graduate degree in International Economics, lung rejection, a heart operation, and never giving up even during insurmountable odds.

Show Notes:

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Episode 2 Description:

Thinking of our brain as the "easy button"... I talk about messiness and the difference between being a mess and being in a mess.  In this episode I explain what has me in North Carolina and that my family is in a mess right now.  I explain the meaning behind mind trash, and how you can acknowledge your mind trash and kindly move it out of the way.  You can be in a mess without being a mess yourself.

Show Notes:


What's Coming Up:

  • I will be talking with my friend Justin Legg about his inspirational story

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Episode 1 (2).png

Episode 1 Description:

What other way is there to begin... Meet me, Emily Johnson as I share my story of going from breaking down to breaking through. I believe that when we feel broken down, we have a choice to make. We can choose to take negative, lonely energy and use it to create something beautiful, bold, and juicy. This is the first episode of a podcast three years in the making. This episode is a HEAVY episode but stick with us for future episodes because I am going to be having fun, helping this community, and talking with some incredibly inspiring guests.

Show Notes:

What I am up to:

  • Using Energy In A Positive Way

  • Using Energy To Share Stories of Inspiration and Motivation

  • Help get you out of your head

  • Help you move to the life you desire

Let's Connect:

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