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On Saturday I trekked deep into the woods winding my way through trails obscured by snow laden branches drooping heavily on one another. Weary from the morning’s events in our house I stopped to lean against a tall sturdy pine and began to sob. Feeling alone in my pain I begged Spirit for a sign knowing very well that pleading with the Universe for something automatic isn’t the way it works. I walked on knowing that what I needed was not going to come in the sign of three beautiful deer like I had seen on Thursday. It would be something different and would come on its own time.

Upon return to our house I noticed that the heavy, beautiful coat rack with a beveled mirror my dad had made was no longer hanging on the foyer wall. The wall stared back at me blankly. All that was left were the two nails and faint but dingy outline framing the space of the craft that had hung there for eight years. I walked into the kitchen bracing for the news that our child had smashed the mirror and destroyed what my dad had created. I was relieved to hear it was still intact. Later in the day I noticed Ty had hung the sign on the wall that used to sit on top of the rack. I made a comment how we could do just fine without the rack going back up.

And then Ty shared a story that flooded my mind and body with a sense of deep comfort.

“It was so weird," he said. "Everything got knocked down but the hope sign sitting on top of the rack never hit the floor. It fell and landed hanging on that nail.”

“It’s not weird,” I remarked. “It’s a literal and spiritual sign.”

Throughout this journey I’ve never given up hope and I’ve never stopped taking action.

I see hope and action as partners in the healing process and the more we can come to understand this and embrace it the better. To heal, the action we must take is attending to our bodies, our emotions, and our spirits. Connection to our spirits is phoning home to whatever it is we consider meaningful and sacred. This looks different for everyone and I hope by sharing a sliver of what is meaningful and sacred to me will inspire you to attend to your own healing or share your own experiences.

I always love to hear from others so feel free to reach out, share and follow along as I work towards my Family Nurse Practitioner degree and continue on our family’s healing journey.

Be well. Stay well.

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